Suonerie The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy Ringtone Gratis

Free Download The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy Ringtone For Mobile

Artist: The Chainsmokers
Released: 2018
Category: Music / Dance

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In “Sick Boy,” Andrew Taggart deals with the cultures of the East and West coasts of America and the self-doubt they cause in him. Unlike previous tracks, usually revolving around themes of love, this song combines a political stance with an ironic undertone.

The song features a new sound for the DJ duo, that sets it apart from past songs. The main topic of the song is Drew’s self-doubt caused by society. The seriousness of this self-doubt is questioned by an ironic view on the society. Visit website to download more mp3 free ringtones for cell phone

Lyrics Sick Boy Ringtone:

And I’m from the east side of America
Where we desensitize by hysteria
And we can pick sides, but this is us
This is us, this is
I live on the west side of America
Where they spin lies into fairy dust
And we can pick sides, this is us
This is us, this is
I am the, I am the, I am the sick boy
I am the, I am the, I am the sick boy
They say that I am the sick boy
And they call me the sick boy

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