Suonerie Ring – Cardi B feat Kehlani Gratis

Ring – Cardi B feat Kehlani Suonerie:

You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh
You don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring
I can't keep this on the low
I want you to make it ring, ring, ring, ring

You used to be on my line
On my tip all the time, yeah
Love it when you make me feel
Like you don't mind when I ain't got time for you
You know it don't go to my head
I'm only arrogant in bed
I just love to know you wanna spend time with me instead
Now you all caught up
Yeah, you all caught up
Now you done left me alone, yeah
You was all fed up
Ready for the next step
Wanna be on your own
Said I just miss you, I just miss us, baby
All I know is