Suonerie Damage – H.E.R. Gratis

Damage – H.E.R. Suonerie Gratis:

[Pre-Chorus: H.E.R., Ant Clemons, H.E.R. & Ant Clemons]
If I let you, you'll take me for granted, yeah (You, you, you, you)
If I'm worth more than you could manage, manage, yeah
Open with me, oh, we could be honest
Closer to me, oh, givin' me silence
Promise that you won't let me fall, oh, oh

[Chorus: H.E.R., Ant Clemons, H.E.R. & Ant Clemons]
Holdin' me tight, lovin' me right, givin' me life
All night you could be (You could be)
Tellin' me lies, makin' me cry, wastin' my time
The wholе time, so just be
Careful what you takе for granted, yeah
'Cause with me know you could do damage
You (Uh), you could do damage
You (You), you could do damage (You, you, you, you)
Yeah, uh